Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Jui

Anti drip system The anti-drip system inside the juicer is made up of high quality plastic. It supports in the squeezing of fruits and keeps it hygienic. Anti skid base The handy juicer comes with an anti-skid base which creates vacuum while in use and prevents it from moving back and forth during extraction of juice. In-Built Filter The fine filter eliminates pulp and seeds by a filter. You can easily extract the juice of seeded fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate, tomato and more without finding them in your juice while drinking. No Electricity Required In order to save your time and energy, this fruits and vegetable juicer helps you easily extract juice from fruits or vegetables without drawing electric power. You can juice manually. Sturdy Metal Handle The juicer comes with a sturdy metal handle. It is strong and rust proof and helps to extract juice with utmost ease.

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Beating: cream, Eggs, etc. Liquidizing: Tomato Soup, Dal Etc. Churning: Milk Shake, lassi, Butter Milk Etc. Easy to Grip Quick to Clean Easy to Store Multipurpose blade By using power free hand Features stainless steel blade ABS Plastic body for extra durability Heavy gear system. Easy to grip Convenient to use. Quick to clean. Easy to store. Multipurpose blade.

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